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Out with the old and in with the new!
Pro Lifestyle Trailers is now IsoBuild. Same great products and more. We’re bringing new trailers to the table, such as cattle rails, gas cages, pipe trailers and more! You dream it, we build it.

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Enjoy the experience of owning a custom-built trailer

Modifications & Repairs

If you already have a trailer, but it requires a service, repairs or modifications such as racks, railings, mesh, bars, or other features, we're glad to help!


IsoBuild can design and build any trailer, custom around your budget. We manufacture and produce utility, food, fridge, car, livestock, flatbed, water tank, diesel bowser and even hearse trailers. We can include extra features and branded lettering to boost your business' branding.


We pride ourselves on excellent service. Therefore, to ensure that their trailer get registered fast, we provide our clients with all the necessary paperwork and certificates. Our aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible. We can deliver anywhere in South Africa and to any border post.

About IsoBuild

A wide range of custom-built trailers

We custom design, produce and manufacture any trailer according to your specifications and deliver anywhere in South Africa, including to any one of our country’s borders. IsoBuild will also provide the necessary papers and certificates to get your trailer registered fast! Trailers that require a servicerepairs or modifications – we can help!

Our experienced and professional team can custom build utility, car, flatbed, livestock, fridge, food, mobile toilet, diesel bowser, mobile water tank, and even hearse trailers. All our trailers include a one-year workmanship guarantee and only use A-grade steel to give you the highest quality that lasts and that can handle tough terrain.

We ensure that our trailers can handle the required weight, and we can add extra features and branding lettering to boost your business’ image. We build a unique final product around your budget that will increase your efficiency, be it for business, personal or recreational use.

IsoBuild’s trailers are reliabledurable and crafted with excellent quality.

Custom-built to your needs

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